Sonaspray is a cellulose product that can be applied directly to many different substrates by spraying. This system is uncomplicated, has an attractive appearance and is first-class value for money.


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The exceptional sound absorption qualities of the Sonaspray® guarantees noise reduction and a pleasant acoustic climate in various rooms.


  • Fire class B1-s1, d0 (EN 13501)
  • Very wide choice of surface finishes and colours
  • Exceptional sound absorption, reduction of reverberation
  • fits any shape of ceiling and wall
  • Naturally pure, environmentally friendly and sustainable (cradle to cradle)
  • Low weight, no extra load for the underlying construction
  • Superfast application
  • Seamless application
  • Condensation regulating

Structur of the system:

Sonaspray can be sprayed on almost all dry and clean surfaces. In a single-coat spray process, the material is sprayed onto the ceiling. The room can be used immediately after the installation is completed.

The system consists of the Sonaspray cellulose fibers and SK-2000 Adhesive which is sprayed together onto the surface creating a appealing texture.

Different textures, thicknesses and colors provide an individual solution for every project.


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