ColorCoustics combines a fine, seamless look with unlimited color possibilities.
Applied to the Sonaboard in a single-layer spray process, the highest absorption values are achieved. In addition, existing acoustic surfaces can be refreshed quickly and easily. Highly efficient processing enables unrivaled project speed.


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ColorCoustics is an environmentally friendly acoustic coating ideal for coloured surfaces or for the quick revision of existing acoustic systems. Furthermore, the system features the following properties:

  • Fire class A2 (EN 13501-1)
  • Outstanding acoustic effect (NRC 1.10)
  • Fast installation
  • Unmatched colour depth and variety

Structur of the system:

Any stable ceiling and wall construction, such as concrete ceilings, plasterboard structures or metal constructions, is suitable as a substrate.

The Sonaboard is glued to the existing surface without visible seams by using Sonaglue. Afterwards ColorCoustics is spray-applied and sanded as desired. Profiles can be used as a structural separation to other surfaces or openings.

ColorCoustics can also be sprayed on existing acoustic systems of all kind. It gives a refreshed appearance without reducing the absorption of the system.

ColorCoustics meets the highest visual and acoustic demands and satisfies modern environmental requirements.



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