About Asona

The specialist in acoustics

Asona has been manufacturing high quality sound absorbing products for ceilings and wall for over 40 years.

With their seamless appearance, the products blend discreetly into any room and meet the highest acoustic and visual demands. All products are extensively tested – in terms of fire behaviour, environmental compatibility and acoustic effectiveness. That way we guarantee ultimate acoustic comfort in compliance with modern building requirements.

Asona’s goal and philosophy is to improve the acoustic climate and create an environment pleasant and comfortable to live, work and be in.

Asona’s products are sold worldwide:

Sonaspray was developed by the International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) in Houston, Texas, which has been manufacturing the material for over 60 years. In 2001 ICC Europe was founded to serve the european and asian continent. Since its beginning ICC Europe is part of the Asona family.

The Sonacoustic product line was developed in 2006 as a solution for an completely invisible acoustic ceiling. Through continuous development, the product line has become a leading acoustic system and is now available in a wide range suitable for any project.

Both product lines are widely known among architects and building owners. With more than 25 representatives in Europe, Asia and Australia, the Asona family is constantly growing and bringing an pleasant acoustic environment to more and more people worldwide.