Sonacoustic® PL1

The Sonacoustic PL1 system consists of the proven Sonaboard and a finely sprayed top layer. Sonacoustic has an appealing, smooth finish and a unique acoustic quality. In addition, Sonacoustic PL1 achieves fire class A1, making it the perfect solution for buildings with high fire safety requirements.

Sonacoustic® PL1

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PL 1

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Sonacoustic® PL1


Sonacoustic PL1 is a single-layer system of unsurpassed quality. Sonacoustic PL1 meets the highest demands in terms of acoustics and appearance and is the pinnacle of seamless acoustic systems.


  • Fire class A1 (EN 13501-1)
  • Single-layer application
  • Widely tested for emissions
  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Perfectly seamless appearance
  • Available in white
  • Optically hard surface
  • Can be applied to any surface
  • Naturally pure, environmentally friendly
  • Lightweight


Structur of the system:

Any stable ceiling and wall construction, such as concrete ceilings, plasterboard constructions or metal constructions, is suitable as a substrate.

The Sonaboard is glued to the existing ceiling construction with Sonaglue without visible seams. Sonacoustic PL1 is then sprayed-applied and troweled. After drying, the surface is sanded to achieve a perfect finish. Openings or separations to other surfaces can be finished with profiles.

With fire class A1, Sonacoustic PL1 is also suitable in environments with the highest fire protection requirements.




    absorption results

    The thicknesses mentioned below are average build thicknesses. These thicknesses exclude the adhesive layer of approximately 2 – 3 mm.

    The results in the table below can be displayed in a graph. Up to 6 results can be compared at the same time. You can compare a  maximum of 6 results at the same time.


    TEST REPORTS Sonacoustic® PL1


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