Asona, the acoustics specialist for over 40 years 

Asona was founded in 1978 and since that time it has introduced several unique acoustic materials for sound absorption to the market. In over 40 years we have carried out many projects and gained a lot of experience.

Asona's goal and philosophy is to improve the acoustic climate and improve room acoustics by reducing reverberation time.

The end result of each Asona installation is always a world with a pleasant and comfortable living environment.




Asona's products are sold worldwide.

Sonaspray was developed by the International Cellulose Corporation (ICC) in Houston, Texas, which has been producing this material for over 60 years and has sprayed millions of square meters.

ICC sells itself in the United States, but the market in Europe and Asia is served by its subsidiary I.C.C. EUROPE BV in Uithoorn. From there, both the materials and the patented adhesive are distributed to the many authorised dealers all over the world.

Sonacoustic & Power Acoustic (PA14) have been developed by Sonacoustic International in the Netherlands.