Technical characteristics of Sonaspray®

Sonaspray®, decorative and sound-absorbing, is a product to be sprayed for finishing ceilings and walls made of metal, concrete, plaster, wood, etc. and is available in eight standard colors. With sufficient project area in almost every color available.

Sonaspray ST (K-13), ST-TR (K-13), SP (K-13) and SP-TR (K-13) are the industrial qualities and Sonaspray® FC, FC-TR, and FCX FCX-TR are the aesthetic qualities with a fine fiber structure. By varying the thickness of sound absorption can be achieved 'tailored'. In addition, the K-13 variants for use as thermal insulation in eg parking garages or as a retrofit to existing systems that no longer meet current thermal insulation requirements.



Acoustic absorption results.

The aforementioned thicknesses are below average build thicknesses. These include the adhesive layer thicknesses of approximately 2-3 mm. The results in the table below can be displayed in a graph. A maximum of 6 results at the same time can be compared.

SONASPRAYtestrapport125 Hz250 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz2000 Hz4000 HzNRCαw
PDF 0.160.340.740.950.970.940.750.60
PDF 0.230.490.870.960.970.860.800.75
PDF 0.260.621.
PDF 0.330.771.
PDF 0.340.801.
PDF 0.501.
PDF 0.150.330.690.950.980.970.750.60
PDF 0.160.330.750.960.980.970.750.60
PDF 0.200.440.891.010.980.930.850.70
PDF 0.200.600.951.
PDF 0.170.370.821.041.000.970.800.65
PDF 0.140.450.800.850.850.900.750.75